Friday, 8 September 2017

Yo momos is so ugly.....

I have never made any form of potsticker dumpling before. How difficult could it be? When Meera Sodha provided a simple recipe we thought we would give them a go. We looked on YouTube for some help in folding them. Wow! Do take a look, there are some beautiful examples. The sweet potato filling was easy to make as was the dipping sauce, but oh those folds... Sue was a little better with her nimble fingers but what had looked so easy on video was beyond my stubby fingers. And I tended to overfill them. In the end we got an assortment of shapes and when fried and steamed they stayed together. You can now see how food stylists earn there money! But they tasted great and were fun to do and I will definitely try them again. Practice makes perfect... Or at least photogenic. I was not sold on the dipping sauce, the sesame a little to over-powering for my taste but they were fine with chilli sauce, a great organic tomato ketchup we had in, and a fresh coriander and ginger chutney. They sure is ugly though...


  1. I am impressed by your efforts, they do look delicious and completely disagree with you, I think they look very good.

    I bought some dumpling wrappers on a recent trip to Bristol after being reminded how delicious momos are at a food festival. I don't want to boast, but you may not be surprised to note that I have made Sweet Potato potstickers a long time ago. I sought permission from the cookbook author at the time to republish the recipe on my blog and the dipping sauce was equally delicious.

  2. Ah you're kind, Shaheen! I like your recipe (and the lentil and chard one too) Sue has that Thai book, I never thought to look at it. I see you use wonton wrappers too. I think I will try those square shaped ones. The dipping sauce looks good. We had this organic tomato ketchup which was so tomato-ey! Will definitely try these again soon.