Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Bread, dal and a walk along the beach

It was a sunny morning so we got the bus to Bamburgh and walked the beach to Seahouses. I had started some malted flour sourdough this morning made from flour ground at the local Heatherslaw Corn Mill at Etal which we have visited in previous years. The Miller was at the food festival promoting his flours. A keen baker, he had never made his own sourdough. I take my sourdough starter on holiday with me 🙂. The resultant loaf is usually imperfect and "rustic" but tastes better than anything from a supermarket. Besides, September is -

 Sourdough Sptember

I made a dal last night 200mg each of chana and mung dal simmered with turmeric, green chillis, chilli powder, slices of ginger, then finally a tarka of onions, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and curry leaves fried in coconut oil until the onions are browned. The texture of the dal  was quite thick but then I added salt, 200ml coconut milk and a lot of coriander leaves. It tasted good so I held off with the lemon juice and garam masala, I will add those the next night. I have entered this for the My Legume Love Affair #111 🙂 Created by Susan  and continued by Lisa

Bread, dal, some roasted cauliflower, onion pickle - heaven.

 Berwick is not blessed with many vegan friendly establishments (unlike Edinburgh) reflecting its coastal seafood and agricultural heritage. However there were some signs of change. There was a Greek food stall at the festival with TWO vegan options, both stews. And some of the vendors seemed savvy about veganism. I tried Pete's Peas, a guy from Newcastle trying to get people eating Pease Pudding again -" Geordie Hummus" - by using different flavourings. I was apprehensive about approaching him as Pease Pudding traditional is split peas cooked with ham, but when I asked he said the chipotle flavoured one was vegan and that he was in the process of eliminating butter from several others (including a marmite version) so they would be vegan too. Nice guy, his product was lovely warmed up a little on toast.


  1. Thanks for linking this fabulous recipe to MLLA. However, may I request you to also link the recipe to Lisa's page and Susan ( the original creators page pls. I have given the links in the rules. Do pingme if you have any doubts. Thanks much and happy cooking.

    1. Apologies. I have amended the post and I hope that is okay. Thank you for hosting 🙂

  2. Thank you for participating in MLLA. Mentioned you in my event round up.