Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Berwick upon Tweed

Our love affair with Berwick began ten years ago after we had moved to Sheffield. Previously we used to holiday in Cornwall each year but it is such a long train journey we decided to look elsewhere. To be honest, I knew nothing about Berwick but Sue suggested it and it was only three hours on the train so we gave it a go. The day we arrived we wandered around and bumped into a food and drink festival. It was the first year they had organised it. A lovely welcome!

We arrived this weekend and the festival was in full swing. It was the 10th anniversary and we have been coming each year to the disbelief of friends and colleagues. Sunday morning we headed for the food stalls and picked up this fine array. The afternoon was spent in the beer tent sampling some wonderful local beer my favourite being a local nano brewery, Bear Claw, and listening to some great live blues guitar.

The weather is not looking too great this week but that's fine. Walks by the sea, good simple food, plenty of reading, the occasional pint and perhaps a cultural visit to Edinburgh (there is a good-looking Carravagio exhibition on). Nice. 


  1. I went to Berwick Upon Tweed once in my life and it was work related. I was able to take a wander in the town and liked it very much. I do remember a bridge and I do remember it was raining. I will have to see it I have pictures as I did used to take my camera with me. So fantastic that you go back every year, you must really love it and the fact it coincides with the food fest can only be a bonus. You must go to Edinburgh the next time you up that way - its not as friendly as Glasgow, but it is a tourist magnet.

  2. It depends what you want from a holiday. I love the seaside and windswept beaches. I love to have a relationship with a place and some of the people. I don't crave new experiences. It feels like a second home. Heading for Edinburgh tomorrow. Caravaggio, a vegan treat, a pint and purchase some vegetarian haggis. I think one of the main haggis producers says that the veggie version is now 25% of his sales!

  3. Veggie haggis has indeed become very popular with meat eaters too who cannot stomach the thought of eating it once they know what is ti made of - the meat version. These days haggis, the veggie one especially is incorporated into everything in Scotland from samosas, pakaras to spring rolls and wontons! Enjoy

  4. There's a famous baked potato shop in Edinburgh where you can get veggie haggis as a filling. Potatoes the size of a rugby ball (almost...)