Thursday, 24 August 2017

Vegan masala omelette

VeganEgg Part 2. I went for an omelette recipe following the Follow Your Heart guidance to the letter. Taking a Meera Sodha recipe as inspiration. I flavoured the egg with a finely sliced spring onions, coriander leaf and green chilli, with a pinch of chilli powder, turmeric and salt.

The omelette takes longer to cook but in the pan it does look like an omelette. Meera suggests serving between buttered toast with tomato ketchup. I used a sourdough roll which I toasted.

It looked good. I bit into it and it tasted better than the scrambled egg I previously made, but, oh you knew there would be a but, the texture is not quite right. With the toast it's okay, by itself though I am not sure. Worth trying, may be its just me, but I used to enjoy eggs so I am afraid it's another disappointing vegan cheese moment.

Maybe if the omelette was thinner? Part 3 to come.

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